Rokdim LA aims to inspire kids and adults in Los Angeles, California, to appreciate and become involved in Israeli dance. We strive to provide the Greater Los Angeles Area with endless opportunities to connect to the roots of Israeli culture and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle through weekly sessions, marathons, classes, and camps. We believe in preserving the authenticity of Israeli dance while encouraging creativity and progress in the field. We welcome anyone to our sessions, and to be a part of our growing community.

Sagi Azran

With his captivating charisma and extensive knowledge in Israeli dance, Sagi has been a teacher, session leader and a choreographer since he was a teenager. As a kid, Sagi was mentored by Misha’el Barzilay, one of the most appreciated personalities in the world of Israeli dance. He was only 9 years old when Misha’el asked him to teach a dance to a crowd of 250 dancers. Ever since then, Sagi perfected his teaching in every way he could. Years later, Sagi founded an organization in Israel dedicated to teaching kids dance in order to keep them away from violence. Today, living in Los Angeles, Sagi brings exceptional energy to L.A. sessions with the goal of making sure dancers do not forget the authenticity and value of Israeli dance. 


MATI- Merkaz Tarbut Israeli

Rokdim LA is a program presented by MATI, a nonprofit organization with the mission of offering Israeli culture-related programs to the Los Angeles community. To learn more about MATI and their other functions go to